Frequently Asked Questions

Has the FreeStyle LibreLink Android App (operating on Android OS 13) issue been resolved?

Yes, Abbott identified the cause of this issue, and the situation is now resolved with our latest version of FreeStyle LibreLink app, which is compatible with Android OS 13. Please update your FreeStyle LibreLink app for Android OS to the latest version, 2.8.4 

Is my FreeStyle LibreLink Android App compatible with the Android 13 operating system?

Yes, the latest version, 2.8.4 for FreeStyle LibreLink app, is compatible with Android OS 13. 

Which apps were impacted?

FreeStyle LibreLink, version 2.8.3 or earlier​

What should I do if I’m experiencing signal loss?

Please update your FreeStyle LibreLink app for Android OS to the latest version, 2.8.4 for FreeStyle LibreLink. If the situation persists, visit "Configure Alarm Settings" in the menu above or contact Customer Service

ADC-70542 v.3 02/23